Mr and Mrs Cheesman – Wonersh


Mr and Mrs Cheesman, from Wonersh, Surrey, telephoned in response to our advertisement for removing patio black spots. They had a complete terrace laid in 2007, using Indian sandstone. Whilst it looked perfect when first laid, after the first year the black spots began growing. At first they were like tiny black “ink spots”, but soon grew to a state of infestation. Mr C told us that it had been suggested by others that the black spots were caused by damp and that the Indian sandstone had been laid incorrectly. However, such was not the case.

Our representative contacted Mr and Mrs C, measured the area, calculated the cost, and sent a detailed quotation for both options: supplying the Patio Black Spot Remover for their own use, or supplying both the Patio Black Spot Remover and specialist operatives to carry out the work on their behalf.


Mr and Mrs Cheesman opted for the supply and apply option and our operatives arrived on site on the starting date as agreed. Our operatives carefully re-sited all pots and plants first and then moved the tables, chairs and umbrellas to a safe area.

The whole area was then carefully swept to remove all leaves and loose dust and dirt. The patio black spot removal then began. Once completed, and after inspection by the clients, all planters were returned to their correct positions. The tables, chairs and parasol were returned to their original position. All extraneous materials were cleared from the area, and the terrace area left clean and tidy.

They even managed to remove the rust spots. There was no damage to either our lawn or surrounding flower beds.



All the black spots were removed and the original colour restored to the terrace. “The terrace looked like it did when we first had it laid”, stated Mr and Mrs “There was no damage to either our lawn or surrounding flower beds.”

The finish was actually better than we had hoped and would be happy to act as a reference for your company. We are delighted!


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